Schedule for tomorrow, working in a coping plan

I read a bunch of articles about the wonders that scheduling your day do to anxiety today, I thought you know… I have nothing to lose let’s give it a try, so here I am trying to set all my activities in different hours, considering eating times and also, knowing it can take longer to achieve each activity than I think. I’m trying to add certain coping rituals through out the day so I can manage my anxiety, also I’m testing the results of each coping mechanism. For tomorrow I’m planning in doing meditation and working with music and smells. So there’s that. I’ll keep this blog update specially in this topic, so if you’re curious keep an eye on your news board.

I’m kind of worry with all the “rituals” thing, I know it’s just a word but yo… I’ve OCD and that’s a strong word for me, so I’ll try to yes, make a routine, but if I see I obsess over it or I get anxiety from not doing the thing I’ll probably stop. Let’s see what happens.

I’m gonna post my schedule for tomorrow in hopes I can success if I post it here. Enjoy seeing my activities. I’m staring with a few for now, maybe after tomorrow I’ll add more so I can get used to it slowly. 

8:00 a.m


  • To make sure I feel safe: 
  • Some smell sticks
  • Silent/Music
    • Make the bed

BREAKFAST: (take your meds along breakfast)

  • Around 8:30 a.m, don’t feel pressure with the time. But try to eat early.

9:30/10:00 a.m 


  • Use the new meditation app or YT videos. 10 or 15 minutes will do.


  • Prepare your clothes first, as always.
  • Make sure the water is hot and you feel safe (check 8:00 a.m suggestions)
  • —- from 2 to 3 hours —-

12:00/13:00 p.m


  • If you feel like it.


  • Place your stuff in the dinner table, pick the music you feel in the mood for. Try to: Study in 15 minutes sets and 5/8 minutes of breaks.

13:00/14:00 p.m


16:00 to 17:40:


Try to go to sleep over 22:00 p.m to 23:00 p.m

3 thoughts on “Schedule for tomorrow, working in a coping plan

  1. Nice! Writing down a schedule helps me too. More of that organization that we need for anxiety but don’t want to overdo…but this looks awesome and not overdone at all. Keep letting us know how it works out! Thanks for the Spotify suggestion on your last post, I’m listening to it now 🙂

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    • Thanks, working on it. I try to keep the schedule thing to the minimum and as flexible as possible, for example today I had to re-do half of the schedule because I wasn’t feeling good enough, but I wanted to get things done so I changed it to simple stuff instead, so I think it’s more easy to like give a range of hours for this and that and not be like at 12:00 YOU HAVE TO DO THIS THING, that will probably make me freak out and listen melanie martinez the rest of the day.

      OHH I love that playlist I’m glad you’re checking it out, tell me if you like it, I’m curious. By the way we’re kind of in sync posting about this type of stuff lol

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      • Yes we are pretty in sync about our posting topics lately!! 🙃 Yes I really like the playlist! I find it a lot easier to work with background music. I also like the playlist ‘Electronic Concentration’ by Spotify UK. Yes with scheduling a “range of hours” is ideal for me too…I have to kind of alternate certain things based on how I’m feeling.


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