Reasons to live

This post is inspired by this wonderful person [too polar].

This next week is my last week of vacation, my anxiety it’s striking back with different sort of intrusive thoughts because University is getting close, in conclusion: anxiety is a bitch.

This list have the intention to be a reminder, I want to live:

  1. My dog. He’s the beautiful poodle ever, he’s old and fluffy and he knows when I’m feeling sad because every time I don’t come out of bed he yells until I wake up, and if that doesn’t work he kiss me and push me give his little body.
  2. She. Amazing person, I wish some day I’ll meet her face to face, because if she can rescue me from a really bad day just by talking to me, I can’t imagine what a hug from her must be like.
  3. Writing, drawing, photography, music. Arts are my best friends and nothing else understands me better than music or writing.
  4. Traveling, discover new places. I need to live because this world is full of beautiful places, I love to find that little coffee shop, unique and retro, that’s is hidden in a corner, is special to have the chance to find places like that
  5. Studying languages. I want to speak at least 5 languages, that’s one of my big goals for life.
  6. Watching shows, reading, relaxing. I’m a fan girl, that’s where I belong.
  7. Looking back and realize it have been a long way, but I’m still here somehow.

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