Maladaptive coping skills

(I love Natalie Dormer)

This couple days my coping skills are being total snakes with me, when I need them the most they walk away without looking back even once, fake bitches. Out of my poetic way to put things, a few days ago I had an appointment with my psychiatrist, and I forgot to confirm it the day before, I’ve to do this in order to be on the patient list the actual day of the appointment. So fuck me. I forgot. I called my doctor and she told she have no room for more patients since I didn’t confirm it someone else took my spot. The closer date she have available is in October, I said yes, of course. I didn’t have another option.

After all that, without metion I didn’t get too much sleep the night before because I was 047_tired_cat_gifswatching youtube videos and I was just being nocturnal, by 8:00 a.m when I called her I was already anxious as furr. Meow me, damn paw. At that point I was into a guilt trip, you guys… I felt so guilty for missing their calls, because they call you themselves, they-call-YOU. I speand all day feeling anxious and guilty bringing back old triggers, and doing all the “remember when…” performance. This made me think about how my coping skills are so far from working effectively. Where do you get good ones? I’ll buy them fuck.

All day, feeling like trash because I miss my doctor’s calls. I’m not trying to make look my struggles smaller. I learnt you can’t measure pain. But this looks like something I should had know how to manage it.

I’ve been having a lot bad days tho, maybe it have to do with anxiety just building up, is it too early to have an opinion over this?

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