Less anxiety at night

I just come to realize this couple of days I have less anxiety in the night/early morning, I even feel super happy and chill. I’m trying to understand why this happens. As far as I know, the brain understand night-time as it’s natural time to sleep right? And when you sleep the brain is highly active, what does this mean? I’m not quite sure, since I don’t know enough about the brain to come up with an accurate explanation. I’m not even sure if brains do really understand night-time as their natural time to sleep… but if they do that could mean my brain is extra active at night, and maybe that’s one of the reason my anxiety is so intense, because when I’m in “awake” hours, it doesn’t have as much activity.

Am I making sense?

This is a weird situation because when I don’t have nothing to do and too much stress at night-time, I tend to overthink and have a lot of anxiety, usually because I’ll be trying to fall sleep. A big contradiction I have here.

Is always talk about being anxious at morning but, anyone of you guys have a time of the day when you feel less anxious?

2 thoughts on “Less anxiety at night

  1. To answer your blog question, my anxiety level varies throughout the day and night depending on what I have planned for the day. I would say nighttime can be the worst time for me on some days because I’m left with a lot of quiet time to think for myself. Sometimes this is calming and great for me so I can work on an embroider project while chillaxing in my room as I listen to a podcast on my phone. Other times I feel the quiet is maddening and I feel suffocated as I try to unwind for the day and instead I’m riddled with anxiety for shit that I need to get done tomorrow and so forth. If I’m unable to calm down or clear my head, I usually go to sleep very late…

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