A little list of what I’m currently watching

I want to make this post to give some diversity to my blog, like… I want to talk about something that’s no me, here, saying “I feel bad, what do I do?”, so let’s go for it.

  • SHOWS:
  • Sotus The Series:  This is a Thai gay drama about two guys in college who are in different positions, one is a freshman and the other a senior, this is a very important thing in asian culture, there’s a relationship of respect and a separation line between ages so the younger must respect and obey his seniors. I won’t spoil much about it, because yo… I love to bring people to the dark side without knowing anything.
  • C: The money of the soul and probability: PSYCHOLOGICAL ANIME. I love, love, love, love this anime genre, and this anime specificly is the shit. No too much heavy, fairly weird and good animation. The story is based on the prize of greed and the desire for money and power.


  • MUSIC:
  • Kpop&Co: I’m really feeling bangtan boys lately, I have on replay Hold me tight. I love when I re-fall in love with songs or albums // Side to side by Ariana Grande is my jam, literally everytime I hear “I’ve been here all night…” I get up and sing my lungs out like the fangirl I proundly am. // Hyuna’s newest album is on my heart lately as well, she’s so pretty, brings out my rainbow feelings. // And finally, Fifth harmony’s album, dude… girl power is taking over music, everytime I hear big bad wolf and dope I just get too overexcited.


  • El desorden que dejas: Is a spanish book, kind of thriller… with a little bit of suspense, but with a comedy touch. It’s really good and it have a few psychology topics here and there that keeps you interested without making you roll your eyes. The plot goes around a teacher who takes the place of another teacher who kill herself, but the reasons why she did it were never discovered by the police. Without knowing the same things that happened to her predecessor start happening to her.

2 thoughts on “A little list of what I’m currently watching

  1. I recently heard BTS’s Hold Me Tight and I also have it on replay. Really good song. Also regarding Sotus, I can’t wait till they release the 9th one. Been a long wait! How cool would it be if they release all at once :p


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