OCD is a first world problem

What do you do when someone says such a ignorant thing? In this world with so many resources and easy ways to find all the information we need to make our minds grow, in this very age, when we know for matter of fact the only way to progress is to accept that every human deserves life, respect, security, food, love, and so much more. What do we do? I’m not the person to answer that, because the first thing I felt when I read this, I’ll say where, it was in a youtuber’s video called My Most Honest Video, I felt angry and wanted to rant over all my social media, it’s so full of ignorant people in there, you don’t have idea. People hating on a poor girl who only is asking for patience and understanding. I’m definily not the person to answer that, I wish I could say: ‘Educated them, show them facts, so they have the chance to be better humans”, but it’s hard, for me, a person who it’s trying to take day by day because I can’t function in this loud world like other people do. I can relate to some level to this girl, this people taking away from her, her feelings, making it unvalid just because she have good things in her life “what she is complaining about?” they say, she’s tired to overthink every detail of her life every single second that’s what she’s trying to say without, again… listen, without even trying to search for pity, because you can hear her words choices, she’s trying to make it look like it’s not that hard, she’s a brave one.

I’m not rich, I’m not a model, but I’ve good things and I know that. My country situation is awful but even tho, I have good things, I had live really shitty stuff, a bipolar mom, really fuck up shit, but I still have privilage. This girl does too, but we don’t know her, what if she’s gone throught shit? and most important what if she’s not? OCD doesn’t pick you because your pretty or because your life is awful, it’s part of you. When you get older you realize it was always there with you, but nobody said it was bad until now. This is not just for OCD or Bipolar Disorder, this apply for everyone in Mental Health Community.

I don’t want anyone to feel like their fights are less important or stupid, because nobody live inside your body, nobody live inside your brain, and for sure there’s no one in this world that knows better than you how much it hurts.

I hope this people learn how wrong they are, because probably there’s someone significant in their lifes who now is struggling with a first world problem, as they said, and they may need their help.

All I wanted to do was try to live the life that was inside me, trying to get out. Why was that so hard?

-Demian, Hermann Hesse

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