I’m a needy bitch

I’m sick, my back it’s hurting, my ASS is hurting… I’m not kidding the higher part of my ass it’s hurting right now, in this very moment, n o w. I got the flu, a weird ASS one that’s been flowing around this days. I HATE BEING SICK, I TOTALLY, DEFINILY, FUCKING HATE BEING SICK.

Specially because I get all needy and anxious. Well I was already anxious, and the sky is blue ok? But my nostalgic, poetic, I’m-gonna-search-for-sad-movies, being comes out when I’m sick. I want attention, yes, I want to be hugged, and I want people to take care of me and bring me food to bed, and do stuff for me. I HATE IT. Besides that, I got to be in bed without feeling guilty for wasting time, that’s new btw, add it on my new obsessions list. I slept all day without getting bash for my own brain and that’s good! Positivity. Progress. I feel sarcastic, I’m sorry about that.

I’m gonna go watch a sad anime, I surrender /throws herself upon bed dramatically/ What do you think Holly would do?

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