Yo… A Daily Update 0309

I just remember I want to do this. I WANT TO DO THIS. I… WANT… yep.

Nothing too excited to put on paper happened today. You know, this reminds me about something my screenplay’s teacher said last friday, all stories have the same structure, first you’ll give some information about the place, about you, about the story, but it won’t take you long to jump right to the problem or situation that created the story in the first place. The juicy part yeah? Then you’ll try to talk about what you did, how you felt, etc, and maybe you’ll give a conclusion to the story or try to wrap it on. There no juice without a problema so… Let’s have more days like this!

Today, I went to the movie’s with a friend. Laugh like crazy because The Planet of Freedom is such a weird ass funny movie. It have a deep message tho… go watch it. And before that I was sit on my ass, watching youtube videos and reading some wordpress posts. To be honest that was nice, I read an A.’s post and laugh a lot with her angry writing, she’s the best. I just had anxiety this morning, HELLA APPLAUSE FOR ME PLEASE. And later on I watched a livestream and chat with the pleople I wrote about in my internet friends post. Happy Internet Best Friend Day! By the way.

Tomorrow I’m gonna do a cooking course, because I’m learning to cook and I love eating. Simple. Perfect. Wish me luck or wish me to not burn the whole place lol

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