Making friends on the internet

Well… lately, I feel like I had make some friends here and there on the interweb, god knows I, someone who have severe social anxiety, don’t understand much about friendship. This topic is something I discuss A LOT in this little blog of mine, because it’s something affects my life, my mind, my health, if not everyday a good part of my week, SO here I am talking about my favorite topic: connection and friendship.


I don’t know why but talking with people through my computer it feels easier than talking with people face to face, it feels similar to talking with strangers or just talking with someone I’ll never see again. My social anxiety is a weird bitch, most people are scared of phone calls, talking in big groups or doing presentations. I have none of those, quite the opposite, I like phonecalls but I almost pass out everytime I try to send a text, I prefer big groups than one at one conversations and I’m fairly ok with presentations… my weird ass is weirder than the usual asses out there, big suprise.


this isn’t actually me i’m too scared of phones

But, what I was saying, I met some people on the internet, incluiding tumblr, youtube and here, I’ll love to say I met amazing people here as well, at least to the point I can feel related to them. What is it with “real” people they are so harsh in everyday conversation? Maybe is my brain who see things like that, who knows? I’m tired to think.

I had a good time the other day talking with this crazy people on a youtube livestream, they all have their mental issues, so we were sharing, joking around with a kind of normality that tasted sweet, sweet like chocolate cake. Joking about having a mental illness NUTS! But it’s the best feeling to just share experiences and be like I KNOW ME TOO LOL I FEEL U GURL. I want to meet more people like that, who make me feel like my ‘normal’ is enough normal.




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