Songs about loneliness that can really speak to my soul

I’m gonna apologize in advance for not being able to pick just a few lines and give you a cute summary about why I can related so much with this lyrics. I suck at picking okay? I can’t. Besides that… If any of you who are reading this have a song who express your feelings in such a perfect way you could have written it yourself, please, tell me the name and your reasons. I love that kind of things.


My first song it’s Try by Jimin Park. Yeah, yeah… my song choices are in korean, but here is the thing… Asians have this melancholic way to put things, it’s just match perfect with my nostalgic soul what can I do? Ask me about animation, series, movies… I’ll give you asians related content in a second, I love the way they see life, as this crazy but peaceful and beautiful way of existence.

What other people say
I can’t relate, it’s not alright
I need to have more strength. Other people say
Why do you feel and think that way?
It’s not like me

This is how the song starts, a person who basically doesn’t fit in, someone who maybe think out of the box. This makes me remember one time I was with some people from my university and one of my “”friends”” said to me: You know… I never know how you’re going to react, you don’t react like other people. It wasn’t particulary bad (well it was for my brain at that moment) but it stayed with me.

A story that I only I know
I’ll quietly place it in my heart
And walk alone
Should I ask the sky?
Or should I ignore it and pretend I’m fine?
Should I pretend to be calm?  Yeah

This beautiful part, I just feel myself when I read it. I don’t scream, simple as that.

Okay dokey. Second song. Whalien 52 by BTS. This song have such a beautiful rap, it talks about loneliness, being desperate and yet no losing hope. I’m not suprised tho, because one of the writers is Suga aka Agust D, and he’s one of the few idols who is open about his mental illness issues, you should totally check So Far Away and The Last by him, BUT trigger warning: It have a lot of mental illness content, heavy stuff, very sad but so brave.


Agust D here, chilling, killing it 😉

In the middle of the vast ocean
One whale speaks softly and lonelily
The fact that no matter how much they shout, it won’t reach
Makes them so gravely lonely that they quietly shut their mouths
Now, well, I don’t care
When only the thing called
Loneliness remained by my side

This begining, oh lord, the story about a whale who is lonely, and even if it tries to call for help nobody can heard it. But then, the only truth that remains is that the wale is you.

he world will never know how sad I am
My pain is water and oil that can’t mix
So only above the surface of the water do I
Breathe, and the interest towards me ends
A child in the lonely ocean. I want to make it known too
My value, everyday
I become sick with worry, the sticker always beneath my ear
Never end, why isn’t there an end; every time it’s hell
Even if time goes by, in the cold abyss.

Do I have to even explain why did I somehow wrote this? This speaks about what social anxiety does to you, the fear, the constant pain who stick with you no matter where you go, this feeling that you can’t totally connect with others. Poor whale.

Even if my breaths are blocked
Because I’m confined in that wall
I head towards the surface of water above. | Singing alone like this
Even me, who’s like a lonely island
Can I shine on the outside

But this is the part I like the most, this lonely whale doesn’t give up, it still wonders if it can go to the surface for air, survive, and somehow success. I think a lot of us feel this way, even tho we’re going through a lot pain, we still wonder… will I be able to be happy someday?

2 thoughts on “Songs about loneliness that can really speak to my soul

  1. “You can take everything I have
    You can break everything I am
    Like I’m made of glass
    Like I’m made of paper
    Go on and try to tear me down
    I will be rising from the ground
    Like a skyscraper ”
    Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

    This is something that has helped me stay strong and not give up through some hard times. I really do love this song as well {Give it a listen if you can :)}
    So yes, Stay strong and have hope. You will be have your moments of happiness and you will create them yourself.

    A member of the LP team

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