When someone says your fears out loud

When I go to therapy on saturdays every two weeks I’ve the same thinking process ‘I’m gonna be honest, I’m gonna talk about what happened’, so I do it. I talk about my fears, the shit that’s going on in my life, I open myself to my psychiatrist’s ears exactly like a stripper does for money. But you see… when she confirms what I just said and answer my questions, the ones I asked with the best intentions for my own well being ‘how i fix this? why is causing that?’ she throw the fear out of my comfy box by simply saying ‘well… I think this is the reason you’re having anxiety’. My fear looks me in the eye but now from the other side of the wall, brightly, clearly, there it is that thing I’m scared I think I going to pass out. I see it throught the narrow hole inside my box, is no anymore just a thought in my mind, cover with my box shadows, I say hello. It says hi back. Now it’s real, now I’m more scared.

Today my psychiatrist told me something probably a lot professional will disagree: ‘Some fears it’s better leave it alone, there’s are some we can work on, of course, but it’s not wise to say we can do it with all, and definitely no heathly’. I had never think someone from the mental health field will say me that. She also said ‘You have to pick the path in your life that cause you less anxiety’. I’m glad she told me that, because I’m always wondering if I’m a weak chicken who just don’t want to live enough.

3 thoughts on “When someone says your fears out loud

  1. I can completely relate to this post, when I went to see my psychiatrist i always told myself that I was going to be honest no matter how difficult I felt it would be. I was apprehensive to start but I found the sessions really helpful. I’m following your blog so that I can read more!

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  2. Great post! To me, it’s quite validating and mind blowing when my therapist says how I feel without me having to tell her.
    The last point is very interesting and I disagree really. Only because if you don’t deal with something, it will still be in your subconscious mind possibly causing anxiety or panic attacks etc. But it depends on what it is you are dealing with and your psychiatrist is the one with the degree!

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