Isolation [youtube script, very raw, still working on it]

My god. Isolation… respiro When we talk about isolation the first image that might pop in your mind is quarentine status, a prisioner who acted violent and is been punished or someone who is to dangerous to the public that needs to be put apart. But for mental ill people can be something very common and who a lot of us has gone through. So let’s just ramble a little about how isolation works, my theories about why humans can feel the need to isolate themselves and the healthy and unhealthy parts from it.

We see characters isolate themselves in tv all the time, so today we’re gonna follow their examples to understand better what isolation is like, and as in fantasy, in real world isolation can happen in different ways.

Let’s take the example of a peculiar, sarcastic and with good probabilities of suffering a personality disorder character first. Dr. House. A lot of us have seem this show at least once in our life, and almost in every episode House tries to push people around him away. He isolated himself hurting people, using his sharp tongue and violent impulsive actions to create a dangerous appearance  reasons why? Can be many. We can’t be sure is the chronic pain he’s always in or the struggles he experience inside of his brain. But we can be sure about something: he wants to separe himself from the world.

Recently I got obsessed over a show called The Magicians. The protagonist, Quentin, deals with a complicated feeling it can be associated with isolation . Loneliness. He doesn’t identify with any group and he doesn’t fit particular in none either, at the start of the series we can see he’s severely depressed and he prefers to be left alone in his internal world. He doesn’t hurt anyone, he just distant himself from his peers.

Other character that comes to my mind is Snape. Believe it or not, this loved character probably went through the path of isolation. As a teen he was rejected by his own peers, creating the perfect breeding ground for set himself apart. Smart and brilliant, misunderstood and different.

Note: I’m working in a little project, and I don’t know since I haven’t be here for many reasons (I probably going to talk about all of it later) but I felt like posting something. So… yeah. Gotta feel like shit you know.



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